Before we clearly see him on the moving walkway at the airport, Tyler flashes on screen for a single frame (1/24 of a second) during four instances before that.

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some film photos of Snoqualmie/Twin Peaks from last year that I never got around to putting on tumblr 

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Attack the Block (2011)

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Ever since I met you, everything I ever cared about is gone

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THE MORRIGAN is a goddess of battle, strife, and fertility. Her name translates as either “Great Queen” or “Phantom Queen,” and both epithets are entirely appropriate for her. The Morrigan appears as both a single goddess and a trio of goddesses. The other deities who form the trio are Badb (“Crow”), and either Macha (also connotes “Crow”) or Nemain (“Frenzy”). The Morrigan frequently appears in the ornithological guise of a hooded crow. She is one of the Tuatha Dé Danann (“Tribe of the goddess Danu”) and she helped defeat the Firbolg at the First Battle of Mag Tuireadh and the Fomorians at the Second Battle of Mag Tuireadh. (x

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[tries to crowd surf at a TED talk]

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r u sure

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get to know me: 5 favorite TV shows - Hannibal (2013)

Is it true you ate that poor Hobbs girl?

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I don’t have a choice but I’d still choose you

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